Coach Mike Guevara, CSCS, USAW, CFSC

Athlete Performance Consultant & Director of Performance/Owner of The Factory Training



5915 Kester Avenue
Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

“The man that fails to wake before dawn, fails to feed his family.”
“No Challenge No Change”

Coach Mike “G” believes that movement is a means of expression, fulfillment, and livelihood.

Performance Consultation Mission: give individuals the freedom which allows them the ability to express their maximum movement potential to achieve their goals in life.

Training Philosophy:

Movement: Promoting efficient and coordinated and forceful (if necessary) movement with load in 3-dimensional space relevant to the movement demands the individual experiences in their physically challenging endeavor

Variability: Utilizing variation in tools/ holding positions of load/ body positions/ loading strategy/ environment/ will illicit multiple responses to the body which creates the ability to respond to a random environment effectively

Interaction: Allowing the mind to be involved in the training experience will sharpen the mental skills needed in most sporting situations which require: mental fortitude, mental acuity, quick reaction response, fast decision making, competitive attitude, and coordination.

Performance consultation promise: provide a stable physical foundation with accessible mobility and stability, establish functioning coordination relevant for lifestyle demands, load the body accordingly to illicit the appropriate adaptations, and lastly, train three dimensionally and dynamically to assume similar demands from the movement challenges specific to the individual situation.

Coach Mike G was inspired to become a performance coach after developing a passion for training growing up playing football. He was always undersized and gifted with average speed but his hard work in the gym allowed him the opportunity to play wide receiver for Ferris State University. Upon graduating, he realized the NFL was a farfetched dream and decided to help others like himself make their dreams realities. The passion and love for football naturally transferred to coaching and helping athletes access their full potential.

Coach Mike G provides performance coaching expertise for athletes trying maximize their abilities during competition as well as in their daily lives. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach as recognized by the NSCA. He is also a certified Sports Performance Coach USAW level 1, certified functional strength coach, certified Ignition Speed Coach,

Precision Nutrition Coach level 1, as well as FMS level 1 respectively.

He started coaching in the performance field in 2008. Upon graduating from Cal State Northridge with a B.S. in Exercise Science, 2010, he worked as a performance coach at The Factory Training for 5 years. He is now owner and Director of Performance at The Factory where he continue to oversee and service multiple NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes along with youth, high school, and college athletes.

In late 2011 to 2013, Mike received an opportunity to work and travel with then, world #5 ranked Victoria Azarenka as her personal Performance Coach. After 2 1/2 years, Victoria captured 51 weeks of a world #1 ranking and two Australian Open Titles among many other career accomplishments. He was asked to return to the team in Jan 2016 and is currently servicing as performance coach for Team Vika.

Professional Athletes

Morris Twins, F, Phoenix Suns
Ben McLermore, G, Sacramento Kings
Thomas Williams, F, Portland Trailblazers
Jrue Holiday, G, New Orleans Pelicans
Justin Holiday, G, Golden State Warriors
Jordan Dumars, G,

Reggie Bush, RB, Detroit Lions
TJ Ward, S, Denver Broncos
Keith Rivers, LB, New York Giants
Titus Young, WR, Retired
Richard Sherman, CB, Seattle Seahawks
Malcolm Smith, LB, Seattle Seahawks
Jermaine Kearse, WR, Seattle Seahawks
Duke Ihenacho, S, Washington Redskins
Chilo Rachel, G, Chicago Bears, Retired
Julius Thomas, TE, Denver Broncos
Jordan Cameron, TE, Cleveland Browns
Vontaze Burfict, LB, Cincinnati Bengals
Frank Clark, DE, Seattle Seahawks
Bennie Fowler, WR, Denver Broncos
Johnson Bademossi, S, Detroit Lions
Chris Harper, WR, New England Patriots

Ryan Levarnway, C, Boston Red Sox

Victoria Azarenka

Pro Boxing:
Erik Ruiz, 13-1, Lightweight
Herbert Acevedo, 12-2, BKB Champion

French National Team:
Martial Mbandjock, Sprinter

Women’s US National Team:
Lauren Holiday, F, Soccer
Miki Barber, Sprinter
Lisa Barber, Sprinter